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Psilocybin help longtime smokers quitThey Can Help People Quit Smoking
Magic mushrooms don’t only help people quit alcohol and other substances, they can also help people quit smoking. In a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, the controlled administration of psilocybin in 15 patients, combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, led to an 80% abstinence rate over 6 months.
This was compared to the effects of varenicline, which is considered the most effective drug to help with smoking addiction. In the study, there was a 35% success rate for patients on varenicline, so the difference is substantial.
Of course, it’s important to note that studies like these don’t endorse the use of psilocybin for self-treatment. They simply show that controlled administration of magic mushrooms in a therapeutic context can increase the chances of success. Mainly because it improves people’s motivation and invites deep reflection about life and the choices we make, which can lead to breakthroughs.

How Magic Mushrooms Could Help Smokers Quit For Good
Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine are testing whether psilocybin, the psychedelic found in magic mushrooms, could be effective in helping people quit smoking.

Psilocybin helps grow new brain cellsThey Have the Potential for Neurogenesis
Neurogenesis is the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain. Our number of neurons is quite stable throughout our lives. That’s because brain cells can’t divide themselves to multiply. However, some parts of the brain can grow neurons thanks to neural stem cells.
Now, it’s important to understand that neurogenesis is a highly controlled process and it only occurs in specific areas of the brain. There are very strict limits for neurogenesis to occur but when it does happen, it improves learning, boosts memory, and can even help with depression.
In a study at Johns Hopkins University led by Briony Catlow, they administered psilocybin to mice and their brains were observed to determine if neurogenesis would occur. The study found that standard doses of the psychedelic did slightly increase the number of new cells in the hippocampus. We still don’t know if these results would translate to humans as further research is needed, but it shows great potential.

Psilocybin helps grow new brain cells
Impact of Psilocybin on Hippocampal Neurogenesis & Extinction of Trace Fear Conditioning

Psilocybin microdosingWhat Is Microdosing with Magic Mushrooms
Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms consists of consuming low doses of magic mushrooms to improve mental function, brain health, and creativity. Microdosing is becoming quite popular, but the scientific literature on this topic is quite scarce, so it’s not an exact science.
Things are changing, though, because studies and clinical trials on microdosing are growing. For example, this controlled study reports that low doses of psilocybin mushrooms can produce subjective effects and altered EEG rhythms, which suggests that come of the anecdotal benefits of microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms may be true. The jury is still out on microdosing, but we’re excited to see what future research will uncover.

Micro-dosing magic mushrooms | A growing trend among San Diego moms
Recent studies have shown psychedelic mushrooms can treat or even cure depression and cluster headache.

Microdosing Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)Microdosing Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin): Answering Your Top FAQs
In this video, I answer 13 of your most frequently asked questions about microdosing psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms).

Microdosing and Experimenting with PsychedelicsMicrodosing Magic Mushrooms: My 1-Year Update
In terms of my psychological and spiritual development, 1-year ago almost feels like an entire lifetime ago. Today, I'm going to try my best to encapsulate a years' worth of changes in one succinct video. Enjoy!

I was very pleasantly surprised!1 Month Psilocybin Mushroom Microdosing Report
I recently experimented with taking sub-perceivable doses of psilocybin (psychedelic) mushrooms to see if there were benefits to be had.

The science of psilocybin and its use to relieve suffering
Leading psychopharmacologist Roland Griffiths discloses the ways that psychedelic drugs can be used to create spiritually meaningful, personally transformative experiences for all patients, especially the terminally ill.

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